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Chick fil-A, Center of Public Debate

Whew!  The heat is certainly turned up on Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s stance to stand firm in their company’s position on the sanctity of traditional marriage. The restaurant chain has been, and continues to be, under a concerted attack from same-sex marriage advocates.

To add fuel to the blazing fire,  this stance in support of traditional values has now jeopardize the opening of stores  in Boston, Mass.  In fact, the Mayor, Thomas Menino claims he wont approve the license for the store to open.  In fact he says any company that speaks against gay rights in this country today should not have the opportunity to operate in the city of Boston.

As the video presents, the Mayor of Chicago (Rahm Emmanuel) states that, “Chick fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values.”  What a thing to say.  It reminds me of the scripture that states we will have to give an account for every idle word.

ANOTHER INTERESTING FACT. In 2009, just three short years ago,, Chicago was rated the 3rd worst city in the nation and appeared on America’s Most Miserable City list.  Why? Lousy weather, long commutes, rising unemployment, the highest sales tax rate in the country AND corruption by public officials.  Go figure!!   Ummm…  say that again Mr. Emmanuel …. you know the statement about ‘Chicago’ values…..

Seems to me Chicago could benefit from a Chick fil-A being on every corner.

To both of these men learn the words, “No comment.” At least commit to “LESS” is better.

I  think it is important to note that Chick fil-A stores are operated by franchise owners whose investments are now in jeopardy. So the fight unfortunately does not only impact the Cathys, but any entrepreneur who is opening up their own Chick fil-A.  How fair is that?

BUT THERE ARE CHX SUPPORTERS: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has called for a National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on Wednesday, August 1, to demonstrate support for the company.  Click on the link above to read Huckabee’s remarks regarding this debate.

What sayeth you?


NO More ‘God’ Bless You!

First it’s remove God from our schools, then it’s remove God from our National Pledge and now it’s remove God from ‘God’ Bless you?  There is an active movement folks to eradicate God altogether from our society and our nation.

Traditionally, a 21-Gun Salute is offered in memory and to honor our fallen military heroes.  The shells are collected, gathered together and presented to their loved ones along with a triangle-folded American flag.  During the presentation of these memorials, the presenters use to state, “God Bless You.”  Now they have been forbidden to say “God Bless You,” but just “Bless You.”

Again as pastors, we need to come together on issues that unite us verses issues  that divide us. One of the issues at hand is to fight for our Christian freedoms.  Can you really imagine a ‘Godless’ country?

Currently, The American Civil Liberties Justice (ACLJ)  are challenging this regulation as well as other regulations that jeopardize our freedoms.  The ACLJ is an organization passionate for protecting religious liberty – freedom – democracy.

How can we pastors protest this enactment and what else can we collectively do?

  1. Support firms such as the ACLJ who are designed to protect our religious freedoms both by prayers and financial support.
  2. Sign petitions so we can become one powerful voice on behalf of the Kingdom of God for where there is unity there is strength.
  3. Educate your congregations by placing short announcements in bulletins, sending emails and for those of you who are Internet savvy, please use your social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out.

Let’s not witness another infringement upon our rights like the removal of prayer from schools.  There is absolutely no excuse to remain silent,  we simply have too many technological options available to voice our stance and our petitions.

 “United We Stand but Divided We Fall!

“Under God” Removed Deliberately from Pledge

You’ve probably heard the controversy surrounding NBC’s coverage of last weekend’s U.S. Open. NBC chose to open the event with a special patriotic video of the Pledge of Allegiance. Conspicuously absent in the pledge were the words “under God, indivisible.”

True to form, the Bible tells us that in the last days we would be calling goodevil and evilgood. Man will do what is right in his own eyes. As the video depicts, this is a subtle ploy of the enemy – to move towards becoming a ‘godless‘ nation.  However, NBC failed to consider that we live in a ‘real-time’ world – the time of ‘real-time’ Twitter posts, Facebook posts, emails, etc.  As soon as the pledge was finished thousands of posts hit the online network!  NBC was to quick to apologize – but is that enough?  Many claim this is not enough – an apology lacking in passion and true remorse, but one stated to downplay the incident and pacify those who were offended.

ATTENTION PASTORS: Instead of us complaining about this issue amongst ourselves with our colleagues, members, friends, family etc.,  instead of fighting against each other on doctrine that divides us —  can we for once come together on issues that unites us,  such as “Christ has died, Christ is risen & Christ will come again,” and stand together with ONE voice against such a movement to remove God from our society as a whole?  It would be a travesty to sit by idly supposedly having all of this Holy Ghost Power and not using any of it.  Whatever happened to, “Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world?”

A Call to ACTION: The Family Research Council has a petition started  demanding that the network air a daily public service announcement with the entire Pledge of Allegiance to back up their apology  and to help ensure that neither NBC nor any other network will censor the Pledge of Allegiance again.

You can sign the petition with just your first, last name, email address and zip code.  The letter has been written already.

UNITED WE SHOULD STAND – – Even across denominations!