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Church Unity – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Last week I read a blog on the subject of church membership in whether it was biblical or not.   The writer did a good job laying out the benefits. I scrolled down to leave my comment when I stumbled across another blogger’s comment.  He was ruthless.

WRITER BASHING. The commenter slammed the blog writer up one side and down another challenging him on his interpretation of the scripture.  It was really sad and it embarrassed me to be a believer and witness another so called Christian assassinate the  character of his brother.

TO COMMENT OR NOT TO COMMENT. I read numerous blogs everyday, and not all do I bother to comment on, but I felt a need to let the author know that I thought he did an excellent job proving the case for membership.

The author’s entire blog post had a single scripture to prove his case  in that membership was biblical.  Yes, the author could have used any number of other scriptures to prove his case.  But did he deserve to be demeaned? NO.

SOUND THE ALARMS – WHERE’S THE CHURCH? In the wake of the shooting sprees in Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, Chicago, the alarms are sounding that  the church has lots of work to do – your church, my church, our church, the church down the road – ALL churches who witness Jesus as Lord.  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few!

Folks, we do NOT have to argue over the petty things. That one scripture did NOT discredit all the other good stuff that was written.

We must be the light to a dark and depressed world.  How futile it is to spend time online showing us how smart you are as you gloat as being the self-appointed scripture watch dog.  Shame on you!  You know my position, “If the shoe fits…”

IS IT ABOUT HIM OR YOU? If the commenter had a heart for the kingdom, he could have comment on the subject at hand and added “I would have used this scripture to prove the point.” His backlash instead displayed his motivation in glorifying himself by demeaning the blog writer.

MY FLESH WANTED TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH. I must admit, I wanted that commenter more than a horse wanted hay.  Had I  been able to comment I would have certainly wrote out of my flesh. In hindsight I am grateful that I was unable to comment lest I had said some things and blown my own witness.

There are just softer ways to address people.  We need to be sensitive.  Let’s concentrate on the things that UNITE us and stop trying to prove to others that we are so much better than they are.

WHAT ABOUT THE DENOMINATION DEBATES?  You know what I mean .. the Methodist are better than the Baptist who are better than the Lutherans who are better than the Catholics who are better than the  Episcopalians and the list goes on. And let’s not forget the denomination of the Non-denomination.

The fact is, “We are all leveled at the foot of the cross.”

Unless we have a Jim Jones thing going on and we see where a person in power is trying to get people to drink poison or a David Koresh where he’s advocating people to be burned alive, or others who are trying to convince us of the date of the end of the world, let’s speak the truth, but in love.

MOST OF US ARE ON THE SAME TEAM. We all have work to do.  Let’s be the light and stop trying to snuff out other kingdom workers’ flame!


NO More ‘God’ Bless You!

First it’s remove God from our schools, then it’s remove God from our National Pledge and now it’s remove God from ‘God’ Bless you?  There is an active movement folks to eradicate God altogether from our society and our nation.

Traditionally, a 21-Gun Salute is offered in memory and to honor our fallen military heroes.  The shells are collected, gathered together and presented to their loved ones along with a triangle-folded American flag.  During the presentation of these memorials, the presenters use to state, “God Bless You.”  Now they have been forbidden to say “God Bless You,” but just “Bless You.”

Again as pastors, we need to come together on issues that unite us verses issues  that divide us. One of the issues at hand is to fight for our Christian freedoms.  Can you really imagine a ‘Godless’ country?

Currently, The American Civil Liberties Justice (ACLJ)  are challenging this regulation as well as other regulations that jeopardize our freedoms.  The ACLJ is an organization passionate for protecting religious liberty – freedom – democracy.

How can we pastors protest this enactment and what else can we collectively do?

  1. Support firms such as the ACLJ who are designed to protect our religious freedoms both by prayers and financial support.
  2. Sign petitions so we can become one powerful voice on behalf of the Kingdom of God for where there is unity there is strength.
  3. Educate your congregations by placing short announcements in bulletins, sending emails and for those of you who are Internet savvy, please use your social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out.

Let’s not witness another infringement upon our rights like the removal of prayer from schools.  There is absolutely no excuse to remain silent,  we simply have too many technological options available to voice our stance and our petitions.

 “United We Stand but Divided We Fall!